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"It has to be you" is a puzzle-narrative game in which you play as Azura, an alchemist in a fantastic world. But one day Azura receives a letter from Erline, an old friend of hers calling for help. 

Your duty is to resolve the mystery that the tower is hiding and find Erline wherever she is.

In this puzzle based game you will have to solve many different puzzles related to alchemy, transmutation, planets, stars and constellations. The atmosphere that surrounds you will catch you from the moment that you enter the tower until the end of this mystical story.






  • Game Design: Júlia Blasco,  Pol Serra
  • Level Design: Júlia Blasco, Pol Serra
  • Narrative Design: Júlia Blasco, Pol Serra, Marina Chavarria


  • Environment: Marc Galdo, Pol Serra
  • Character & Animation: Andrea Raya
  • 2D Art:  Pol Serra, Andrea Raya
  • Lighting: Marc Galdo


  • Programming: Joan Ortiga, Marina Chavarria


  • Sound Designer: Marina Chavarria
  • Voice Over: Marina Chavarria

Special thanks to the GMA students who provided some ingame sounds.


It Has To Be You.zip 1 GB
Version 6 Jun 22, 2021

Install instructions

Extract zip, and doubleclick ItHasToBeYou.exe

Game has been updated (1.1.0):

  • Graphics configuration.
  • Mouse sensitivity settings.
  • Brightness
  • Now footsteps sound correctly.
  • Now you can't drop minerals, preventing you to be softlocked.
  • Game now should run smoother in any pc.
  • Now sounds shouldn't overlap in anyway.

Development log


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