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You are an slave who wakes up in an unknown dungeon. Scared as anyone would be, you try leaving that place. But when you start moving objects you find out something unexpected from the dungeon. 

There is a timer inside the room, and when it hits 0, everything goes back at starting place, but you.
Play with time to scape out.

Welcome to Timer Dungeoneer...

This game was made for Brakeys Jam 2020.2 by :

Marc Mas - @MarcMasDev

Joan Ortiga -  @joanortigadev

Ainoa Tabares -  @SvetArt_

And me

Marina Chavarria - @LadyMarinaDev


Timer Dungeoneer.rar 40 MB

Install instructions

Make sure to comment any bugs you find.

Controls are WASD for moving player.

You can pause with ESC button.

Levels are tested and  they all work and have solving

If you get stuck in a level because a bug you can skip level with 'u'.

Found Bugs: If you get blackscreen when starting game 2nd time press pause button, and click continue in order to keep playing.


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Me gustó mucho, gráficamente sí te da la impresión de un calabozo terrible y la dinámica del juego es bien interesante. Hay unas misiones que anda bien difíciles. En general, sigo disfrutando mucho jugarlo e intentando pasar los niveles.